ACKU Celebrates World Literacy Day by Donating Books to Vulnerable Children and Orphans (8 Sep 18)

ACKU Celebrates World Literacy Day by Donating Books to Vulnerable Children and Orphans (8 Sep 18)

“Without libraries, what we have? We have no past and no future” (Ray Bradbury)

International Literacy Day, declared by UNESCO in 1966, is an important event in the world celebrating literacy in terms of individual and social development. Literacy is a first step towards acquiring knowledge and a basic human right that no one should be deprived of. Unfortunately, many adults and children still do not have access to literacy due to factors like poverty, conflict and war, conservative social and cultural views and norms, incorrect interpretation of religious texts, and lack of resources including insecurity and limited or no access to nearby schools. This year, on the occasion of International Literacy Day, Afghanistan Center at Kabul University (ACKU) plans to organize an event “Literacy and Skills Development” and donate hundreds of books to underprivileged children outside ACKU. The books are on different subjects including skills development, history, stories, etc. The books not only function as reading materials, it also motivates students to read, learn and acquire new knowledge. By helping these children, we believe to give a positive message on promoting literacy.


ACKU’s ABLE program is delighted to celebrate International literacy Day on September 08, 2018, by donating 300 copies of ABLE books to a library and two orphanages. Below are the specifications and locations that will receive the books:

1. Alaudin Orphanage- School for Vulnerable  orphan children

2. Rahila Library, Dasht-e Barchi: ACKU will be delighted to support Rahila Library; Rahila was the “Martyr of Knowledge and Education” who lost her life in Mawoud Education Centre – during a suicide attack.

3. Rasul-e- Akaram Orphanage, Ghazni Province


1. Alaudin Orphanage:

District#6, Darulaman Street, Near Alaudin Park.
Contact Person: Noor Zia
Contact Number: 0791052581

2. Rahila Library

Dasht-e- Barchi
Contact person: Hamid Omar
Contact Number: +93 (0) 78 759 5513
Address: Masjid-e Rasul Akram, Behind Nasir Khesraw Hospital, Golai-e Mahtab Qala, Barchi, Kabul
Working hours: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

3. Rasul-e Akaram Orphanage

Ghazni Province – Hasan Abad Area
Contact Number: 0744478920 – 0790731100