ACKU Opening Station at Bamyan: (Oct 14,2015)

On Wednesday October 14, 2015 ACKU with the cooperation of GERES (Group for the Environment Renewable Energy and Solidarity) established ACKU station in Bamyan University.
The station allows students to have full access to ACKU online resources which contains more than one hundred thousand different documents and research articles about Afghanistan. ACKU library and IT manager provided a demonstration of how to use and search the catalog and, highlighted some of the collections that would interest university students.
In the opening, Mr. Tahir Zuhair Governor of Bamyan, Abdul Rahman Shahidani Member of Parliament, and Ali Yawar Sirat Chancellor of Bamyan University participated.
Mr. Sirat thanked ACKU and said that: “ACKU station opening is a great achievement; this can help to promote research and encourage students and people to read more.”