ACKU/ABLE promotes Literacy and Reading in Kandahar

As part of its mandate to improve literacy and reading culture in Afghanistan, ACKU ABLE program distributed over 900 books to nine libraries in central Kandahar city and Arghandab District on December 17, 2018. To date, ACKU has established nine libraries in Kandahar province in schools and other learning centers that provides reading materials to young children, adults as well as other people interested in reading. These books range from children literature to easy read materials for young adults, social sciences, humanities, history, technology, English, and Kankor preparation books.

Last year, more than 16,470 people used ABLE libraries in Kandahar province while the number has reached to twenty thousand this year. On daily basis, an average of 570 people uses ABLE libraries in Kandahar and benefit from the available resources.

ACKU/ABLE program field team monitors and consistently updates ABLE libraries in Kandahar city. Based on the survey of ACKU field team, there has been considerable increase in students’ interest with reading in comparison to the last year.