“My Voice, My Story”

The first session of community writing workshop, “My Voice, My Story” was held on February 17, 2018 at ACKU. This workshop series was announced on Facebook page of ACKU earlier. The aim of holding such workshops is to encourage people (no matter they are male/female, young/old, rich/poor) to count on themselves, and write and reveal what they have not said yet. As a whole, at the final step, their stories will be recorded in ACKU’s archives, and other people can use them as a source of reading about history of Afghanistan told by the people who lived it. The workshop was led by Ms. Zulaikha Rafiq. Most of the participants in this workshop were college graduates; however, there were some participants who were currently attending schools and colleges.


Each of these participants showed deep interest in writing their stories as a citizen of Afghanistan as they did not want their stories to be forgotten. At the same time, they were very excited that their life history will be recorded in ACKU’s archives.