“Psychology of Power”

‘Psychology of Power’, as the title stands commanding, 17 March, Dr. Ruhollah Amin energetically delivered a talk at ACKU facility, to a houseful of guests from media, civil society, academia, including students.  Dr. Amin addressed the use of power and communications in day-to-day life in families, politics, children and infants, etc. with spectacular examples. He said ‘Communications keep human beings and all other living creatures alive. All living beings have a vital need for communication, just as they need to eat and drink. Language is the most useful tool to build effective relationship indeed. In todays’ life power is seen in negative perception. People tend to fear from powerful people, always! but power does not have a negative characteristic in its own right. It depends on every individual how he or she uses power, either positively or negatively! Talk continued with great interest from the audience until refreshments shared at the courtyard.