Bibigul UNESCO Literacy Prize

Bibigul UNESCO Literacy Prize

Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU) is pleased to announce the receipt of “The 2016 Bibigul UNESCO Literacy Prize”. The UNESCO Literacy Prize for 2016, named after the first lady of Afghanistan received by ACKU on 20 November 2016, in presence of many other organizations that support literacy programs in Afghanistan. The prize was initiated to recognize the outstanding efforts of individuals, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as other institutions in implementing innovative and effective approaches for youth and adult literacy education in Afghanistan.

First Lady of Afghanistan H.E. Rula Ghani, The Minister of Education Dr. Balkhi, Deputy Minister for Literacy Dr. Rahimi and Director of and Representative, UNESCO Ms. Patricia McPhilllips joined the awarding ceremony. H.E. Rula Ghani, in her speech, emphasized the importance of literacy and its role in development of a country. Ms. Patricia McPhillips, addressing the audience stated that although enormous and untiring efforts have been put in place, yet illiteracy exists in Afghanistan. She supported her statement by sharing some statistics. She also thanked governments of Japan, Sweden and Finland for their extended support in promoting literacy programs with UNESCO. Dr. Balkhi and Dr. Rahimi speaking at the awarding ceremony highlighted the importance of literacy and the mentioned that key strategies are formed by Ministries in promoting literacy. Meantime Dr. Balkhi appreciated all the good efforts taken by governmental and non-governmental organization, thanked the donor community in improving the literacy in the country.

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