China’s Outreach to Afghanistan


Washington’s growing weariness with its involvement in
Afghanistan grates sharply with Beijing’s steadily
growing newfound engagement. This paper will analyze the factors pushing China into an ever-closer embrace of its neighbor than ever before in the last seven
 These geo-political re-alignments would be
analyzed in context of China’s larger   
interests in the commercial, security and political arena in
Afghanistan. It has been argued that a reconfiguration of
China’s geo-politics vis-à-vis. Afghanistan since 2009-10 has been profoundly shaped by evolving trajectories and power configurations, namely: the Indo-Pak
equation; implications of a US military drawdown for the
region; growing bonhomie between Russia, Pakistan and China; the challenge of drug proliferation and its
inter-twining with pan-Islamist groups that could
potentially have a bearing on troubles province of Xinjiang. The paper will argue that Beijing’s ever-tighter embrace of
Kabul mirrors its larger interests in South and Central Asia and the realization of the need to engage with the
trans-national nature of events unfolding in
Afghanistan. The paper concludes by raising critical questions concerning current Chinese strategy in Afghanistan.


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