Important Additions to ACKU’s Archeological Collection

Important Additions to ACKU’s Archeological Collection

Special Acquisitions – Important Additions to ACKU’s Archeological Collection

At the end of May, the Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan (DAFA, French Archeological Delegation in Afghanistan) donated some wonderful works detailing Afghanistan’s extraordinary cultural heritage. These 9 books include volumes 2, 3 & 9 of Fouilles d’Aï Khanoum (Excavations of Aï Khanum), and a booklet marking the discovery of Aï Khanum 50 years previously (in 1964). These documents are especially precious for students of archeology, since they (and the artifacts in the National Museum in Kabul) are all that remain of this important site.
There are also three volumes detailing the site at Surkh Kotal in Bactriane and one on the pre-Islamic monuments of the Central Hindu Kush. We were also delighted to obtain a copy of Ulug Depe: A Forgotten City in Central Asia which shows the extent of DAFA work in Central Asia and the regional connections of cultural development in the area. Also included is A brief guide to the Islamic Collections in the new Museum at Ghazni. It is our fervent hope that scholars and students of Afghanistan past will profit from these very special acquisitions for which we are very grateful.

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