Memorial Ceremony in Honour of Nancy Hatch Dupree

Memorial Ceremony in Honour of Nancy Hatch Dupree
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On 12 September 2017, the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University organized a memorial ceremony for its beloved founder, Nancy Hatch Dupree, who dedicated more than 50 years of her life documenting and preserving Afghanistan culture heritage. Many of ACKU’s national and international friends, including academics, diplomats, ministries and NGO’s came to deliver their condolences and remember Nancy.

Professor Rasool Bawary (acting Minister of Culture and Information) noted that “in a time that Afghanistan was divided into different parts, Nancy travelled all over the country to different provinces such as Nangarhar, Herat and Mazar trying to hold seminars to support Afghan cultural heritage ”.

Acting Minister of Higher Education Mr. Abdul Latif Roshan pointed that “Nancy could go anywhere. Even when the situation in Afghanistan was bad, she stayed either in Afghanistan or in Peshawar, she kept writing and doing research in Afghanistan. That is proof of love she had for this country”.

The chancellor of Kabul University Dr. Hamidullah Faruqi on behalf Kabul University expressed his deepest condolences for the death of Nancy to ACKU and to the academic society in Afghanistan. “She spent over half a century of her life supporting the Afghan historical and cultural values. I had the honor of knowing Nancy personally and especially the love she had for Afghanistan, and I feel very much pained by her death”.

Hassina Sherjan, the board member of ACKU movingly explained that “Nancy’s love for Louis Dupree was the engine of the working power she had. Even when she was in Bagram hospital and I went to visit her, she said that “Louis won’t be happy with me. I haven’t finished scanning the slides.”

Messages from Nancy’s sister Jane, niece Sue and daughter Duggie who were not able to attend the ceremony were also read out.

In closing, the executive director of ACKU Abdul Waheed Wafa recalled that “Nancy was not interested in short term projects. She would say ‘My second name is sustainability’. As a result of her focus on sustainability, ACKU will have a long term future. Mr. Wafa also quoted Nancy’s concern that “Afghanistan’s new generation should have a sense of belonging to Afghanistan” and her belief that preserving Afghanistan’s rich and diverse culture would contribute to fostering that sense of pride and belonging.


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