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Launch of ACKU Research Paper Series

Creating a platform for high quality Arts, Humanities and Social Science Research Papers

Kabul, Afghanistan March 11, 2018:  The Research Department at the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University is proud to launch its online research paper series. These papers are available in Dari and Pashto, and are based on original academic research in or about Afghanistan. The goal is to make this research available to a wider Afghan audience who will be able to access and download these research papers from inside and outside ACKU. They showcase different stages of the academic research process, from choosing a methodology, conducting a critical review to sharing the findings.

First two papers available now.

Arising from a joint City, University of London and ACKU research project, the first two working papers are ‘Challenges and Compromises: Conducting fieldwork in Conflict-affected countries’ and ‘representation of migration in afghan oral culture’. The former focuses on the methodology used in the ethnographic part of the project, while the latter offers a review of the scholarly literature on Afghan oral culture. Further papers will follow at the end of April. Readers are encouraged to critically engage with these papers and their authors. In the future, we hope to hope English versions of these papers.

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