Robert Nickelsberg’s photographic exhibition opening.

Robert Nickelsberg’s photographic exhibition opening.

On September 2, 2015 Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University hosted the opening of Robert Nickelsberg’s photographic exhibition with a large number of Kabul University & private university students, and a wider audience representing national and international organizations.

Robert Nickelsberg is a photo journalist working with Time magazine and The New York Times daily. He photographed Afghanistan from 1988 to 2013 that fifty-two photographs from his collection were exhibited in this exhibition. He made his first visit to Afghanistan for the funeral of Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan, and then he was back and forth to Afghanistan producing news reports.

Mr. Abdul Waheed Wafa the Executive Director of the ACKU welcomed the participants and stated that the purpose of this exhibition is to remind the past and find a way towards a better future.

A message from Mr. Massoud Khalili (the distinguished son of Ustad Khalili) was read to the audience, in which he said that:
“Bob has been busy taking photos of my people in different times, happy or sad, success or failure, love or hatred, crying or laughing. He recorded more than three decades of war, with one weapon, his camera”.

Robert Nickelsberg spoke about his journeys to Afghanistan and hoped that the new generations could find an objective perspective about the past from his images.

The Dari version of his book may be found on:

Dr. Sayed Askar Mosavi, the main speaker pointed out that the Afghan people have fought many wars during its long history which can be divided into two sorts: wars that were generated outside Afghanistan and the internal wars when Afghans fought one another.

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