The National Collection of Varieties of Fruits and Nuts (October 2014)


A unique work of considerable significance is now a valuable part of the ACKU collections thanks to the kindness of the team headed by Giuliano Masini at PDHDTP, the Perennial Horticulture Development Transition Project in Kabul.  The National Collection of germplasm gathers genetic resources identified in different agro-climatic areas. This Volume One, the Register of Almonds, is the first of a series that will cover all the species in the National Collection, including apricots, pomegranates, plums, pears, grapes and more. This Register represents a monumental effort begun in 2007 that provided extensive training for budding horticulturists.

The objective is to provide true-to-type mother plants to the nursery industry in order to give farmers quality saplings to boost the international market and to replace imports on the local market.  The volume is handsomely produced with high quality images of the list of almond accessions belonging to the National Collection.  It is a stellar work that will benefit the nation far into the future.


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