Basic Qualitative Research


Basic Research Methodology

This ten week course is intended to introduce students to fundamental concepts, tools, and methods of social research at an undergraduate/MA level. Assuming that some students have already taken a research course, the purpose of this course is to improve their understanding of research issues (with a particular emphasis on qualitative research) through engaging them in discussion and preparing a research proposal. The course will cover important topics such as different kinds of research, methods of research, research design, data collection, analysis and writing up. We expect at the end of this course students will be able to properly identify research issues, develop topics and research questions and identify proper methods and tools to conduct their research assignments. The students who participate in the course will be required to submit a research proposal on which they have worked throughout the course. A course certificate for participation in this course will be awarded to students.

Course Contents and Structure

The course requires 8 hours of independent study, and 2 hours classroom based learning per week. There are 8 session of 3 hours each. Students are expected to attend all 8 sessions as each session builds on the previous one. These will take place in the research room at ACKU.

The topics will include:

  1. Defining the question
  2. Identifying the Ethical issues
  3. Reviewing the literature
  4. Preparing a bibliography
  5. Choosing appropriate methodology
  6. Choosing the appropriate methods
  7. Sampling and Access
  8. Gathering the data
  9. Analysing the data
  10. Writing up

Teaching Methods

Each week, students will be expected to come to the session prepared, to participate actively in discussions and to read a minimum of two academic articles per week. Students will work in pairs or small groups. The maximum number on the course will be 20. If numbers drop below 10 at any point the course will be cancelled

Between sessions students will be expected to complete (written) tasks, to read suggested materials and to reflect on the work done in the sessions. At the end of the course students will have prepared a basic academic research proposal. For more information or to book, please contact

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