The Research Department at ACKU exists to support new and established Afghan scholars acquire and develop the research skills necessary to design, carry out and disseminate original research, in particular using the documents held in the ACKU library. Our goal is to ensure that research and information on Afghanistan in Afghan and other languages is of an increasingly high standard and more widely available to Afghan and international audiences.

We provide basic training in qualitative methods for the arts (cinema, literature, theatre); humanities (journalism, philosophy); social sciences (anthropology, economics,  political science and sociology) and we will work to support other related disciplines. We also deliver short workshops and mentoring for staff wishing to publish in international peer-reviewed journals.

The Research and Communications department is also responsible for making ACKU a hub of informed debate on many aspects of Afghan culture, economy, politics and society. To that end,  ACKU hosts and organizes a series of events including public lectures, national and international conferences, workshops, research seminars, photographic and art exhibitions as  well as debates and cultural performances.