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ACKU has a Reading room for the students and a Research Rooms where researchers can have a comfortable venue with computer and internet facility; they can use ACKU’s collections which includes approximately one million pages of grey literature and unpublished material on the history, political, social and economic situation of Afghanistan.
The Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University (ACKU) provides the most comprehensive collection of materials related to Afghanistan in the region. ACKU’s library functions as a central information repository, benefiting students and researchers in Afghanistan and abroad. Currently, the library contains 90,000 physical items comprising of books, reports, newspapers, periodicals, posters, and pamphlets. We have so far catalogued 28,000 titles in Afghan, Asian and Western languages. The collections include resources from the Jihad and Taliban eras as well as stored publications related to the Government of Afghanistan. The audio-visual section contains current news reports and various videotapes on NGO programmes, events in recent Afghan history, and ethnographic and cultural films.
Below are some of highlighted materials at ACKU collection:
ACKU holds the region’s most extensive collection of primary resources on Afghanistan, including:
– Extensive data on the political history of the past three decades covering the period of Soviet occupation (1979-1989), the civil war of the early 1990s, and the Taliban era (1996-2001)
– A large collection of reference works covering all periods of Afghan history and all aspects of the cultural dynamics of the society
– Extensive data on the Afghan refugee crisis of the past three decades—the world’s largest refugee crisis in modern history
– Extensive (and in some instances unique) collections of Jihad and Taliban-era publications
– Rare audio-visual materials on the threatened folk culture of Afghanistan, including those collected during the 1970s by specialists such as Louis Dupree, Margaret Mills, and Lorraine Sakata
-97 high quality mounted prints of sketches and photographs executed by prominent British artists and photographers, taken during the First (1839-1842) and Second (1878-1880) Anglo-Afghan Wars. In addition 25 mounted photographs of contemporary Kabul by David Gill
-Afghan-Russian correspondence throughout the 20 century. These include correspondence between King Amanullah and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and other correspondences through the reign of King Zahir to exchanges between Hamid Karzai and Vladamir Putin
-A photo collection of over four thousand prints and slides featuring Afghanistan from the nineteenth century through to the present
-Approximately 500 maps of Afghanistan and the region in various scales.

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